Health & Safety

Harvest Logistics works closely with our certified Health and Safety provider to ensure our policy is consistently up to date with the latest health and safety requirements and law changes in all areas of forestry logistics.

Critical Rules

Harvest Logistics Ltd has five critical rules which contractors must uphold at all times in all aspects of forestry logistics:

  1. No passengers unless approved by Harvest Logistics.
  2. No operating vehicles under the influence of illegal Drugs or Alcohol.
  3. Wear appropriate PPE designated for the site at all times.
  4. Do not operate equipment unless trained to do so.
  5. Vehicles and drivers must meet legal requirements at all times.
  6. Failure to meet these critical rules at any time will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Driver Inductions

All contracted drivers will be inducted to work in forests controlled by Harvest Logistics. Inductions will ensure the drivers and trucks are compliant at all times, contractors will be made aware of all the operating procedures on site and what is expected from them. This will be outlined in Harvest Logistics health and safety hand books which will be carried by every contracted driver.

A copy of the completed inductions and up-to-date drivers information will be held by Harvest Logistics at all times and readily available for inspection. Before drivers and contractors can operate on site, the trucks will inspected for compliance.

Drug Testing

Harvest Logistics will ensure that the contractors are maintaining an alcohol and drug free work environment, making it our responsibility to ensure the forest is a safe and healthy workplace.

We have a ZERO tolerance drug and alcohol policy for any contractors operating for Harvest Logistics. This will be enforced by:

  • Pre-employment drug testing.
  • Random drug testing.
  • Probable cause drug testing.
  • Post incident drug testing.

Truck and Site Audits

Harvest Logistics conduct monthly truck audits to ensure compliance and health and safety standards are being meet – these are set out in the Health and Safety handbook for drivers. Trucks or drivers not meeting these standards will be stood down until compliant.

Incident Reporting

Harvest Logistics takes a proactive approach to incident reporting, ensuring all incidents to be reported with 24 hours, creating the safest possible workplace for our contractors.

Any notifiable event (incident, illness or injury) is reported to WorkSafe NZ, this will be investigated and all practical steps are put in place to mitigate future incidents.


Harvest Logistics strongly oppose the exceeding of legal load limits and road user charge licenses, our ‘Overweight Log Truck Management Policy’ is in place to prevent the overloading of trucks.

HLL is leading the way with its custom built software used to dispatch it’s trucks. The app creates efficiency and elimates a large amount of human error.

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