Your Single Point of Contact Logging Truck Company

Harvest Logistics is a logging truck company offering forests owners a single point of contact log cartage solution, coordinating all log movements from skid site to primary destination. Meaning forest owners or forest managers running multiple harvests can rely on Harvest Logistics’ centralised dispatch system to ensure their logs are moved in a timely and efficient manner, eliminating the need to engage multiple carriers.

Availability of Trucks

Harvest Logistics uses multiple contractors when necessary for the benefit of the forest owner, the use of several independent reliable contractors has two main advantages.
Providing the ability to;

  •   Access multiple contractors and large numbers of trucks enables Harvest Logistics to meet fluctuating daily load counts from the forest.
  •   Competition and continuity of work ensures Harvest Logistics secures the most cost effective price from the forest to the primary destination.

Asset Protection

As an independent logging truck company, Harvest Logistics recognises the value of your forests assets. We closely monitor truck movements ensuring trucks are operating when roading and skid site conditions allow. Trucking companies who chase higher load counts can be detrimental to the roading infrastructure creating large costs for the forest owner, we ensure log cartage operations only take place when conditions allow and our pool of contractors ensures we have the ability to move large volumes of wood when required.

Health and Safety Enforcement

Harvest Logistics takes a proactive approach when it comes to health and safety, strictly enforcing health and safety policies to ensure the safety of all contractors and other road users.

Long-term Forward Thinking Strategies

Harvest Logistics have their contractors on long-term contracts and forecasted wood flows, giving trucking contractors the ability to adjust fleet sized to meet fluctuating demands, ensuring there are always trucks available to move your logs in an efficient and timely manner.

Contractors supply continuity means Harvest Logistics runs more logs at competitive rates.

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