Harvest Logistics is a single point of contact for customers, overseeing all aspects of your cartage requirements from pick up to delivery.


Maximising all efficiencies to ensure the most competitive pricing. 
We work with our carriers to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible and build long term relationships  to meet future trucking demands.


The utilisation of multiple carriers means we can move your freight on time every time.

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Seamless Log Transport
Efficient Reliable Easy

Availability of trucks

The utilisation of multiple carriers on a daily basis ensures harvest logistics has the ability to move fluctuating log volumes.

Single point of contact

Harvest Logistics is a single point of contact for all log trucking movements, overseeing all aspects of cartage from to the end destination.

Smart truck utilisation

The efficient running of trucks is the fundamental way to enable reliable contractors to run at sustainable rates.

Health & safety

Harvest logistics takes a proactive approach when it comes to health and safety, strictly enforcing health and safety policies to ensure the safety of all contractors and other road users.

Why choose Harvest Logistics?

Harvest Logistics Ltd (HLL) is a logistics firm specialising in providing efficient and cost-effective log trucking options for forest owners. HLL provides a single point of contact for forest owners and managers, co-ordinating all log movements from the skid site to the primary destination at export ports and sawmills.

HLL has been operating for seven years in the log cartage industry. Our core objective is to provide a seamless service and consistent availability of trucks while minimising cartage costs and therefore maximising the return for forest owners. We focus on protecting the forest owner’s assets (land, roads, infrastructure) and ensure all trucks operating in the forest are compliant and meeting New Zealand’s stringent health and safety standards.

HLL is leading the way with its custom built software used to dispatch it’s trucks. The app creates efficiency and elimates a large amount of human error.

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